Secure payment

Payment by credit card

Payments by credit card are made in full when ordering, and in euros only.

Credit card payments are secure, in accordance with French and international interbank regulations.

This solution allows the buyer to make his purchases in complete safety.

In no way do we receive, record or keep any element whatsoever concerning your banking information.

Payment by credit card with 3D-secure authentication

The 3D-Secure protocol allows you to benefit from enhanced protection for your online purchases thanks to an authentication system.

After validating your bank details, a 3D-Secure window managed by your bank will be displayed. Entering an authentication code specific to each bank (date of birth, code received by SMS, etc.) will verify that you are indeed the holder of the card used for payment. Your payment will be validated and your transaction finalized after confirmation from the bank.

Please note: check when placing your order that you can receive the authentication SMS.